How to know if your WhatsApp is Monitored

How to know if your WhatsApp is Monitored

To begin with, WhatsApp has proved itself to be one of the most celebrated

social media platforms with lots of exciting features; ranging from status upload down to the use of memes, stickers, and emojis.

As exciting as this platform is, do you know that all your conversations may be monitored by an unknown person?

If no, then this article will clearly explain to you how to know if your WhatsApp is being monitored.

While WhatsApp claimed to be fully encrypted, there are still lots of hackers out there who are hacking,

spying and monitoring people’s endeavors on the platform. Hence, this article will tell you how to know

if someone is reading your WhatsApp message elsewhere.

Being a highly celebrated chat application, there will be personal messages which you wouldn’t like sharing,

so what do you think would happen if your WhatsApp is being monitored then?

While this article will not only tell you how to know if your WhatsApp is being monitored,

it will also expose you to things you can put in place to stop someone from monitoring your endeavors on the social app.

But before then, you may be interested in the following subheadings too.

Reasons Why People May Monitor Your WhatsApp Account

Although some unscrupulous individuals hack WhatsApp account in other to monitor people’s conversations with bad intentions,

there are some good reasons, too, why people do monitor a third party WhatsApp account.

Reasons why your WhatsApp is Monitored or Spied on

We shall discuss some reasons why I think your WhatsApp account is being monitored. They include:

1: Parental Control

Some parents deem it fit to know every single move of their kids even if it

means they have to do things that are not right to some extent.

Thus, some parents monitor their kids WhatsApp account for proper parental control.

2: On Account of Cheating

Lovers sometimes do have downtime in their relationship and as such,

may take any measure to ensure that they monitored their partner’s

WhatsApp account even on mere suspicions of immorality or cheating.

3: To Have Fun.

Friends or partner too may want to monitor or spy on your WhatsApp

endeavors just to know the person you are chatting with and what exactly you are talking about.

4: Cyber-crime Purpose

The last reason which is very bad why people may be monitoring your WhatsApp is for cyber-crime purposes.

Hackers may hack your account in other to see whom you’re chatting with

and what you are discussing in other to hijack the deal or do something worse.

Therefore, the mere fact that chats on the WhatsApp app are end-to-end encrypted doesn’t mean that it is not open to hacking.

Thus, it is very important for everybody to know that their WhatsApp can be monitored, hacked, or spied on.

Signs Of A Monitored, Hacked or Spied WhatsApp Account

Are you doubting if someone is has hacked or monitoring your WhatsApp account?

Well, you have to stop doubting and be very careful as your WhatsApp

might have been hacked and being monitored on another device for real.

So, any, some, or a combination of the symptoms below may indicate that

your WhatsApp account is being hacked and monitored by an unknown person.

However, it might at the same time not be the case as there are some other reasons why you may be having such feelings.

1: Temperature Hikes

If you notice that there has been an increase in your smartphone

temperature and all of a sudden it gets warm again, then you have to be vigilant.

Most often, strong applications running on your phone background may be responsible and mostly, this is often a work of spyware.

That is to say, the moment you feel something of this nature while chatting on WhatsApp,

you need to know what to discuss with people has your conversations may be secretly monitored.

2: Sudden Battery Drain

Another symptom that you need to be scared of while using your WhatsApp app is a sudden battery drain.

There is some powerful spy application that does use significant battery

power, hence causing your battery life to be dropped all of a sudden.

Should you feel that your smartphone battery has become weak all of a

sudden that you have to charge your battery constantly even when you hardly use your device,

the possibility that there is an unknown or a hidden app running on the device is pretty high.

Often, most of these spy apps do use the smartphone location features to track down the device,

Wi-Fi and/or Mobile Data so as to monitor your WhatsApp deals and send the information gathered to the hacker and as such,

it consumes significant battery power.

3: Increase in Data Usage

As I have said earlier on that most of the available Spy apps that are

designed for monitoring or hacking WhatsApp account to track a

smartphone device usually use your WiFi or data connection to transfer information to the spy.

This literally means that your Wi-Fi connection or data will be used along with the top.

Hence, if you noticed or doubting whether your WhatsApp is being monitored, hacked, or spied on,

the simplest way to know for real is to check your data usage.

So if you’re using any android devices, you can check for your data usage

information in the " My Data Manager" area of your device settings.

On the other hand, the iPhone users can check for it at the " Data Usage" section of their device settings.

4: Background Noise

Another way best way to know for sure if your WhatsApp account is being

monitored or spied on by an unknown individual is when you start to hear

some background noise in the process of making or receiving a call.

The reason being that, most of the monitoring apps that are installed or

planted to monitor your WhatsApp account can still be used at the same

time to spy on other data and information on your smartphone device with phone calls, text messages, etc inclusive.

For instance, one of the very few ways someone can use to monitor your

calls are by way of recording and the act of recording phone conversations can produce unpleasant background noise.

You should, however, be wary and disturb whenever you are experiencing something of this nature.

Lastly, it is very crucial you take notice that experiencing one of the signs

discussed above doesn’t necessarily depict that your WhatsApp is being monitored or hacked,

but having at least three or combination of them all may be a real sign that your WhatsApp has been hacked.

Ways Through Which Your WhatsApp is Monitored

Haven exposed you to why and the symptoms to which your WhatsApp or

smartphone device might be showing if your WhatsApp app is being secretly monitored.

Now, I’ll be sharing with you some incredible ways by which your WhatsApp endeavors can be monitored.

However, it is still important to stress that WhatsApp has implemented a

standard level of security to its chatting app to an extent that, before a

hacker or someone else can be able to gain access into your WhatsApp app,

such a hacker or person will have spent a substantial amount of resources, energy, and time.

That is to say, the highest possible method by which any unscrupulous

person can use to hack or monitor your WhatsApp is that such hacker or

intruder had gained access to your smartphone without your knowledge or

through another phone that you might have used to log into your WhatsApp without logging out again.

1: WhatsApp Web

WhatsApp Web is one of the WhatsApp features which allows WhatsApp users to access their WhatsApp account through the computer system.

You can only do this by scanning your WhatsApp account QR code from

your smart device, other than this, you can’t access your WhatsApp using a computer system in real-time easily.

In the same vein, you can easily access your WhatsApp on other mobile devices by using a particular app.

This app that we are talking about will aid you in accessing your WhatsApp account on several smartphones.

All you have to do to succeed is to scan your WhatsApp account QR code from the original and main WhatsApp and boom… everything is set.

2: Your phone backup file

Also when the hackers gain access to your smartphone, they will be able to

do things like reading your chats, monitoring your conversations, or even

delete your WhatsApp chats once and for all from another device.

So when they get your backup file via the file manager, the data can be

transferred via the Bluetooth, file share, Xender, or any other means to

another device, or auto-backup apps can also be used instead.

The good news now is that the latest WhatsApp app is quite immune to this

trick although hackers may find their ways through it soon enough.

Therefore, it is recommended that you always update your WhatsApp app frequently.

3: Unsecured Networks Connection

The way and manner in which it is risky to use an unknown or unsecured Wi-Fi connection with your Email,

same is also applicable for your WhatsApp account to be easily

compromised using WhatsApp sniffer through the wifi network.

This is easy because every smartphone has a distinct mac address,

so if the hacker should set his eyes on your mac address, then there will be

nothing to stop him from monitoring your WhatsApp activity.

4: Spy Apps

Another method by which people can use to monitor your WhatsApp conversation is via Spy apps.

There are some intruding Spywares that assist hackers and unscrupulous individuals to monitor and spy on your WhatsApp conversations.

The moment the hacker gain access to your smartphone, he will only install

the spy app on it and the majority of these applications are not easy to trace or even untraceable talkless of uninstalling it.

As a matter of fact, if you succeed in tracing and finding the installed spy

app, you cannot possibly uninstall it once and for all because once they are installed on the smartphone devices,

they hide somewhere hidden on the phone system apps.

Hence, such apps will monitor your WhatsApp conversations and as well

record all your smartphone dealings and activities, thus, automatically send them untapped to the hacker without you taking notice.


WhatsApp is Monitored? How To Fix your Account

While we have listed and explain some reasons why people do hack,

monitor or spy on a third party WhatsApp account, it is important we stress

that doing such an act is illegal and violation of privacy or personal rights.

Equally, we have highlight some symptoms to watch out for whenever you

re in doubt whether your WhatsApp account is being monitored, hacked, or spied on.

Therefore, if you notice two or more of those symptoms, you can fix the issue by doing any of the following:

1: Log out from the WhatsApp Web

Once you suspect or feel like an unusual activity is going on in your

WhatsApp, then someone may be poking nosing into your WhatsApp conversations and it could mean something else too.

But if the intruder is monitoring you via the WhatsApp web, you can then confirm it through the below steps:

First Step: Open your WhatsApp app via your smartphone device;

Step 2: Click on the three vertical dots at the top-right edge of your phone screen to show the menu;

 3rd Step: Click on the WhatsApp Web and a fresh window will be shown;

You ‘ll then see the list of the last used clients, in case you can’t recognize it,

there are heavy chances that someone somewhere is monitoring your WhatsApp conversations and activities on another device.

To stop this issue from persisting, follow the step below…

Tap on the connected device; Log the device out using the button to log you out of all phones and computers.

Doing this will put an end to the intruder from monitoring your WhatsApp activities.

However, if you can’t find any strange device logged in on your WhatsApp

via the WhatsApp Web, that means your problem is not from a WhatsApp web then.

You may have to proceed to the next solution.

2: Lockup your Apps

There is numerous apps lockout there that are designed to enable any

smartphone users to lock any apps on their mobile and as such securing it.

So when anybody tries to monitor or copy any files out of your WhatsApp

Folder directly from your smartphone device, they will encounter difficulty as they’ll have to firstly unlock your phone and app.

3: Installation of Spyware / Malware Remover Application

In the same vein, there are AntiSpy apps that are built purposely for

detecting malicious Malware, Spyware, or Trojan apps installed on your mobile device and get rid of them.

This spyware and malware can stop anybody from spying or monitoring you and safely keep your smartphone secure.

You can get any of these apps on the Play Store or Apple store for free.

Free Spyware and Malware Remover are highly recommended.

4: Manually Check for Suspicious or Strange Applications

You can at the same time manually check for any suspicious or strange apps

on your phone by going through all the apps on your device.

Some of the SpyWare Apps need a “Device Administrator” feature to be enabled so as to function effectively.

Thus, you can simply disable this option on any suspicious App.

You can follow the steps below on your phone to get it done:

Step 1: Tap on the Settings bar on your phone;

Step 2: Click on the Security and you' ll see Device administrators;

Step 3:  Identify the suspicious or strange app and next to it you will see a marked box, uncheck it.

(Carefully note the app name);

4th step Tap on the deactivate button to safely deactivate the administrator option on it;

Step 5: Return back to the phone Settings and scroll to the “Application manager”;

6th Step: Navigate through all the installed apps to identify the noted app in the 3rd step above.

You can change your view to clearly show all the system apps and if you are unable to find the app, then search again;

7th Step: Click on the suspicious App to see its details;

Step 8: Click on the permission button and deny the suspicious app all kind of possible permissions;

Last Step: Navigate down to the Uninstall option and safely uninstall the suspicious App from your smartphone device.

Once you have successfully deactivated the Device administrator option for the identified app, you will easily locate the uninstall option.

But if the option is not deactivated, then the app uninstall option will be obviously grayed out.

How To Secure Your WhatsApp From Being Monitored

Lastly, we will be highlighting the possible ways you can adopt to safely

secure your WhatsApp account from being monitored by an unknown person.

Among these possible ways are as follows:

1: Always Logout from the WhatsApp Web

Always remember to logout whenever you use the WhatsApp web.

An intruder can easily access and monitor your WhatsApp conversations and dealings if you failed to do so.

2: Lock WhatsApp

Be informed that your smartphone device’s lock screen feature is not enough to secure and protect your Whatsapp from an intruder.

As for now, Whatsapp is yet to provide any kind of lock mode feature, so it

is encouraged you install any trusted third-party apps to help lock and prevent your Whatsapp from being monitored or hacked.

3: Stay away from an unknown Wi-Fi network.

One of the most formidable ways for unscrupulous hackers to get access to

your Whatsapp is via unsecured Wi-Fi network connections.

So connecting to an insecure wi-fi network can be very risky as it could get your WhatsApp account compromised.

4: Desist from Installing Apps from unknown sources

Installing apps on your smartphone from unknown sources could leave your device vulnerable to hacking, monitoring, or spying on.

Let Google play store or Apple store be your friend and always check for the

developer details, review, and ratings of any app before you install them on your device.

5: Don’t leave your phone alone to an unknown person

Other than the ways mentioned above that your WhatsApp account may be

compromised, it is important you take notice that it is risky, too, to let anyone have access to your phone.

Do not share or leave your mobile device along with strangers as anyone

can easily install any third-party app on it to hack your WhatsApp account.

6: Always take your phone with you.

Apart from the fact that an unknown person may install a spy app on your

phone, you shouldn’t trust your close ones too and thus, stop leaving your phone behind whenever you are out.

7: Contact WhatsApp support team

If your WhatsApp is hacked or being monitored already, you can deactivate

your WhatsApp account by sending an email to the customer support at

WhatsApp will thus automatically delete your account for you if it cannot be accessed for a period of 30 days.

8: Enable 2-steps verification

You can also secure your WhatsApp account from being hacked or monitored by enabling the 2 step verification.

This is a security feature developed by WhatsApp and it can be found under your WhatsApp Account settings.

Enabling this feature will at least add a further security layer over your

WhatsApp app and you will be able to take control of your privacy without any fear of being monitored.

To Enable Two-Steps Verification

There is no mountain to climb or visiting the center of the earth for answers, it is as simple as it sounds.

All you have to do is open WhatsApp > Settings > Account > Two-step verification > Enable.

Yes, I know some of you won’t understand it right, I will use pictures to explain it more. Below

Open Whatsapp and Tap on the 3 dots (circled red)

step 7 on how to know if Whatsapp is hacked

Select settings, Accounts then Two-Step Verification

step 8 on how to know if Whatsapp IS HACKED


  1. Open WhatsApp in your phone, go to the three dots at the top right corner of your WhatsApp window (circled red) below.
step one on how to know if Whatsapp is Monitored

2. You will see varieties of options, select ” WhatsApp Web”.

step 2 on how to know if Whatsapp is Monitored

3. You will also see devices that are logged in with your WhatsApp messenger

step three on Whatsapp been spied

4. To be able to get hackers logged out from using your Whatsapp messages, you must Log Out all devices

by selecting “Log Out From All devices” (circled red).

step 4 on whatsapp been spied

A dialog box will appear asking you if you are sure, just continue by selecting “Logout”

step 5

5. Once done, it will automatically log every hacker off from using your WhatsApp anywhere around the world.

NB: if you didn’t see any logged-in devices when you select WhatsApp web, it means no one is using your WhatsApp.

you can also watch a video here guiding you.

all thanks


There is no need to say that WhatsApp is the most popular social app that is

currently enjoying the wave of the moment.

Equally, it need not say that WhatsApp is one of the most hacked and monitored chat app at the moment.

Please feel free to ask any question using the comment box in case you are

having a hard time comprehending one or two things discussed above and we will definitely clarify the grey area.

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