How to track any Mobile Location. SEE HOW

Mobile Location: Do you want to track anyone’s location? Do you want to know their way about it? See How below.

This method doesn’t need anyone’s location to be switched on or off, tracking anyone’s phone, for that matter probably sounds creepy. But, assuming your relationship is pretty solid and lots of trust issues, tracking someone’s phone via an app is actually pretty convenient.

But in the steps, I will show you will be a little bit stressed, that is if you did not pay attention and follow it the exact way we did and for the fact that you really need to see anyone’s location, it’s easy but not handy.

Things you need to know before you track your wife’s mobile location

Do not panic, its easy and user friendly.

Sites to visit are

  • (To get a disguised link and To obtain her IP address)
  • (Not necessary but used to shorten a long link and its a paid site like 9 USD per month)
  • WhatsApp messenger or Instagram or Tweeter ( To get her click on the link you will send to her)
  • (To get her current location, in latitude and longitude)
  • (To get the exact house and street number)

To track your wife’s mobile location as I said, in the beginning, it will look stressed but it’s very easy and user friendly. Now lets get started

Below shows you the step by step procedure on how you can track your wife’s mobile location without her knowing.



  1. The first thing you need to do is to find what he/she likes most, for example (cats, puppy, human hair, smartwatch, smartphones, anything at all). But in this example, we are using a cat.
  2. Open your phone or laptop browser (Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or any fast browser), search for kittens, scroll down and click on any address shown. Example (circled red below)
Mobile Location: Kittens

3. Copy the link from the search box on top of your screen(circled red below)

Mobile Location: petfinder

4. Open in a new tab, a robot check will appear. You have nothing to worry about.

Just check the box (i am human), and select the pictures that match their needs.

When the site opens, paste the link you copied in the search tab (circled red) and click on “Create URL”. As shown below. Agree to their terms of service and another picture captcha will appear.

Using same method as before, complete the step

Mobile Location: create url

5. Copy the New URL, open and paste it there in order to shorten the link.

But mind you that will be payment to be able to use their expertise.

As for me, I do not need to shorten the link as I don’t have any money to spend. So let’s continue with my kind.

6. Open your WhatsApp messenger or Instagram or Tweeter account, paste, and send the new URL to your wife or anyone you are tracking. Send also disguising messages to distract their attention just to make them click on the link.

Mobile Location: whatsapp disguise

Wait for her to click on the link. But if you want to make it faster, call her and tell her to click on it, depending on which tone you use. When the link has been clicked, lets continue

7. When the link has been clicked, go back to, where you copied the “New URL” and copy the new tracking code.

Mobile Location: visible tracking code

Go to the home page ( and paste it in the search box, then click on “Tracking Code”, scroll down and see the results.

The first IP address you will see belongs to you, and the second belongs to the person you are tracking.

8. Copy the Second IP address, and go to, paste the IP address in the IP Location Finder and click on the “IP lookup”.

9. Scroll down and you will see your result, the country the person is and state or province, the coordinate in Lat/Long. But if you want to know the exact address (street address), continue with our procedure.

10. This is the final part, Copy the Latitude and Longitude, go to, and input the Latitude and Longitude accordingly. Click on “Convert” and the person’s geocoded address will be visible

You can also watch a video guiding you through this process

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