How to see anybody’s WhatsApp messages on my phone

Many people have been trying to know how to hack their partner’s Whatsapp messages, to be able to understand if he/she is cheating.

When you do a simple search on Google or on YouTube, you may find hundreds of people claiming that they can help you hack into any WhatsApp account. Moreover, they claim that such methods are extremely easy and work very effectively without issue. But basically, I can tell you that they are wrong because when you leave your daily job and turn into a spy to your relationship, it’s not going to come handy.

In 2014, WhatsApp and Open Whisper Systems partnered up to make the messaging app a lot more secure by using a technique called end-to-end encryption, which basically “locks” incoming and outgoing messages so that only you and your recipient can see them.

Yes, it’s true but WE will give you just one thing you need to do and your partner’s WhatsApp will be smiling on your phone in less than 1min.

But before that, there are things you need to have in mind.

  • You must have a smart android phone
  • Go to Google play store and download ”Whatscan for Whatsapp Web

This is how the symbol looks like, it doesn’t matter if it’s 2019 or 2020

  • Your partner’s phone will be in your possession for like 30secs.

When you get all these things ready, now follow the step by step procedure below



  1. Open the ”Whatscan for Whatsapp Web” you downloaded
Which will look like this

2. After its opened, make sure the box that says “Keep me signed in” is marked good

WhatsApp messages: opening web scan

3. Get your partner’s phone, open the WhatsApp messenger, and click the 3dots located at the top edge on the right. (circled red below).

WhatsApp messages: locating whatsapp settings

4. Click on Whatsapp Web and your camera scan will open with a Square at the center and a green line going up and down. Place the camera just 10cm away towards the barcode from the ”Whatscan for Whatsapp Web” you downloaded. Let the barcode match within the camera square on your partner’s phone.

WhatsApp messages: web scan

5. You will see the WhatsApp appeared in your own phone, not only that you can also read, delete and reply to any message you feel like doing.

If you find it difficult to do, do not worry okay. Watch the video here

NB: Always keep the box marked (keep me signed in), even when he/she offed their phone data, do not panic because when the data is turned on again, you will be back on. Very easy right? We got your back.

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