About Us

We at (ASD) which means Automation System Design,  welcomes you, our dear users and esteem visitors from around the world to our noble

and innovate technological blog.


To begin with, ASD  is an online home of technological guides, tutorial and News. Our aim and

objectives are to provide and bring to you; a well detailed, smart and efficient technological updates

that are up to minutes.

Our style here is simple and distinct, our services are unique and to crown it all, our innovation plus

technological ideas are actionable and perfect!


So whether it is latest news and update on new Smartphone gadgets, iOS devices, Android and what

have you or you what to learn how to unlock, unblock or activate any electronics devices, ASD

is always the technological home you can trust.


Equally, we write about latest development in the internet world, new trends in the electronics realm,

and many more.  ASD — main mission is to assist internet users in solving

their digital problem their by making smart, reasonable and commendable decisions.


We at ASD firmly believe and offer the following services:


Latest technological News and update;

How-to-guide and tutorials on digital products and devices;


Hacks and cheats on iOS products i.e iPhone, iPod, iPad and Mac devices;

Absolute information on lastest Smartphone and Android devices; etc.


Mission Statement

To provide efficient information on tech related news and publish the latest technological trend in the

digital realm.


Vision Statement

Towards an easy tech and digital society…