15 Useful WhatsApp Tricks And Features

WhatsApp Tricks: Whatsapp has surprisingly emerged as the World’s most popular messaging app with over 2 Billion users globally as of February this year, 2020.

On a regular basis we see new versions of this interesting and life
saving app rolled out to its users worldwide with newly added features.

Whatsapp, originally developed for sending messages and sharing

contents, recently acquired by Facebook, is completely free to use and
do not run third-party ads.

Whether you use Whatsapp for personal or professional purposes, we have
outlined 15 useful WhatsApp features and tricks to enhance

your chatting experience and proper utilization of this popular instant
messaging app.

Below are 15 useful WhatsApp features and tricks we think you should
know for a better user experience.

1: How To Automatically Reply Your Whatsapp Messages When Offline.

This will be the first WhatsApp Tricks we will discuse.

If you are one of the countless number of individuals out there who

use Whatsapp for business or professional reasons, it is of the right
thought that you know how to use this feature.

You can add an automatic reply message to your Whatsapp to help you

reply to your messages even if you are offline or wish to take a break.

There are so many available apps to help you achieve this but you can
try “Auto Reply For Whatsapp”

Auto Reply For Whatsapp is an app that grants you access to easily
send automated replies to your contacts.

How Does Auto Reply For Whatsapp Work?

Auto Reply for Whatsapp is a very simple and easy app that will embrace you to the World of Tech.

First Step: Download the app.

WhatsApp Tricks: AUTO reply

Note: It is mandatory that you grant ‘Accessibility Permission’ to any

Whatsapp auto reply app that you decide to use in order to enable them to read incoming notifications.

After installing the app, switch the “Auto Reply” ON, below it is the text field

where you can input any text of your choice to be replied which you want the app to deliver when you have a new message.

For instance, ” Hello, am not around but I will get back to you Soon”.

WhatsApp Tricks: AUTO reply settings

2: How To Schedule WhatsApp Messages To Be Sent To Your Contacts Or Groups.

This second most perfect in WhatsApp Tricks is where you can send a message to your Whatsapp groups or contacts and be
delivered at your own desired time even if you are not online.

This is very useful to those who know its value.

If you wish to schedule a message to be sent to your Whatsapp groups

or contacts, you must first of all download the “Scheduler App For
Whatsapp” known as the “SKEDit Scheduling App”.

WhatsApp Tricks: SKEDit download

Remember to grant the app accessibility permission when installing.

Launch the app (SKEDit Scheduling App) and fill the fields. You will be required to choose the recipient type (Whether group or Individual contact),

the time you want the message to be delivered, frequency(Number of time), and the message you want to send. You can also attach an image.

3: How To Check The Exact Time a WhatsApp message was Read

The blue tick is an indication that your message has been read but
the ticks won’t tell you the exact time it happened.

For one reason or the other, you may want to know the particular time a
person reads your message.

This is very simple to find out as it doesn’t require the downloading of external applications.

i. Touch and hold the particular message you wish to know when it was read.

ii. Now, touch the ‘i’ icon at the top bar and the time at which the
the message was read will be revealed to you.

4: How To Stop Auto Downloading Of Files On Whatsapp While On Mobile Data.

In this one of the WhatsApp Tricks, you can end auto downloads.

Sometimes, it is really too sad and depressing to see your WhatsApp

automatically download all the unnecessary videos and pictures in the
the group you were added to, thereby consuming your hard-earned data.

To some, it is not a problem at all as regards the fact that they do

have enough data at their disposal while others see it as a big

Whether you fall into the first or latter category, having videoed you
never bargained for in your gallery is not really cool.

Another group member might share adult videos and without you knowing it,

they will automatically download and store up in your gallery unbeknownst to you.

Putting an end to this nemesis is really simple. Follow the easy steps below

to stop your WhatsApp from automatically downloading files while on mobile data.

Go to settings in the Whatsapp.

whatsapp auto download

Select ‘Data And Storage Usage’

Locate Media Auto-Download, select on ‘When Using Mobile Data’

Now you can see

Untick them all if you do not wish to have any of them downloaded
automatically on mobile data.

5: How To Send A Message To Many People At Once On Whatsapp.

It is called Broadcasting. This feature allows you to send a particular
message to multiple recipients at once.

Broadcasting a message to multiple people at once saves you the stress
of sending the message to them one after the other.

To send a message to multiple people at once,
Click ‘Menu’ and select ‘New Broadcast’

After selecting ‘New Broadcast’ you will be required to select the
contacts you want to message at once.

When done,click on Ok or ‘Ok symbol’
Type your message and hit the send button.

The message will get to all of them without you having to send it
individually to all of them.


6.How To Format Your Text On Whatsapp.

You can now format your text on Whatsapp by applying some special
characters before and after them.

These special characters, when correctly applied, can make your texts
appear bold, italics, or struck-through.

To make your text appear bold, type it this way below

Your Text Texts written between the opening and closing asterisk
will appear bold.

To make your text appear in italics, make use of the underscore
character as demonstrated below

Your Text (Texts inside the underscore will appear in italics)

The last text formatting character you can use on WhatsApp is the
’tilde’ used to strikethrough your text as demonstrated below

~Your Text~ (Texts inside the opening and closing tilde character will
have a line strike through them.

7: How To Read Messages Without The Sender Seeing The Blue Ticks.

By default, when you read a message on WhatsApp, the sender gets a read
receipt(blue ticks) to notify that the message has been read.

However, due to one reason or the other, you may wish not to send back

the read receipt (blue ticks) to the sender whenever you read a

Below, you will be exposed to three ways you can easily achieve this.

i. Disable all data networks.

Activate Airplane mode and make sure the Wi-Fi is switched off.
Head straight to Whatsapp and read the message.

After reading, close the app and wipe it out from the memory too.

ii. Another way is by adding a Whatsapp widget on your desktop.

When a new message lands in, you can read the message without the
sender getting the blue ticks.

You can scroll the message on the widget to read it all but be sure
not to click on the widget because if you do,

your Whatsapp will open and the blue ticks will be sent, indicating that you have read the text.

iii. The last method is one of the easiest.
Just go to Settings. Click on ‘Account’ and further tap on ‘Privacy’

Scroll down a little bit. You will see ‘Read Receipt’, Disable it and you are good to go.

NB: If read receipts are turned off, you won’t get ‘read receipt’ (Blue
ticks) when people read your own messages too.

8: How To Activate Two-Step Verification For Your Whatsapp Account.

Normally, when changing a device, WhatsApp will ask for your number to
enable it to send you a one-time pin.

On the other hand, activating two-step verification makes it impossible

for anyone to access your WhatsApp account over a new device even if
they have your sim card with them.

To enable Two-Step verification, Open your WhatsApp Settings >Account> Two-Step Verification.

You will get a prompt to create a six-digit pin to be used whenever you

change the device and wish to access your WhatsApp account on it.

Your email address will also be required in the event you do not
remember the pin you created.

9: How To Barr People From Knowing The Last Time Your Were Seen On Whatsapp.

The last seen feature shows you the last time people appeared online
on WhatsApp and vice versa.

If for one reason or the other, you do not wish to have people stalk you,

disabling the last seen feature might be the solution to your problem.

To disable you’re last seen, Go to Settings > Account > Privacy.

Click on ‘Last Seen’ and make adjustments because there are options to
choose from; Everyone, My Contacts, Nobody.

Choosing ‘Everyone’ makes it possible for everybody to view your ‘last seen’

Choosing ‘Contacts’ means only your contacts can know your ‘last seen’

Lastly, tapping ‘Nobody’ results in concealing your ‘last seen’ from everybody.

Nota Bena: If your last seen is hidden from others, other people’s
‘last seen’ will automatically be hidden from you. That’s the way it

10: How To Pin A Whatsapp Conversation To The Top Or Create Shortcut

If you receive a lot of messages daily on WhatsApp, you might find it

time-consuming when you try to find and message your most important

You can pin those important contacts or groups/Broadcast channel to
the top of your WhatsApp conversation list,

making it easier for you to access them whenever you wish without much stress.

To pin conversations, group or broadcast channel to the top, long-press

the conversation and select the Pin symbol in the options menu displayed at the top.

If you wish to create shortcuts, long-press the contact.
From the menu, select ‘Add Chat Shortcut’

The chat contact will then be added directly to your phone home screen.

This reduces the stress of launching WhatsApp and searching for the
contact to start a chat.

Creating a shortcut makes it much easier. Just tap the chat contact or
a group from your desktop/home screen and there you go.

11: How To Use Whatsapp On Your PC

This is one of the WhatsApp Tricks i found interesting. If you have WhatsApp installed on your phone,

you can use the same WhatsApp on your PC by using Whatsapp web.

Visit web.whatsApp.com and use your phone to scan the QR code on the

screen with your phone.upon successful scanning of the QR code, your
entire WhatsApp chat will appear on your browser.

Although you can download the WhatsApp software for PC on

Unfortunately, you also need to have your mobile phone connected to the
internet in order to use this feature.

12: How To Mute A Contact or Group

If you have a group or contact that keeps draining your battery with new

message notifications every now and then, you can mute that group or contact and get some peace.

To mute a particular group, touch and hold the group in the chats menu. Several icons will appear at the top.

Tap the mute icon and decide the period of time you want it to stay mute.
It could be eight hours, a week or a year.

Decide if you still want to receive notifications and click OK

13: How To Change Your Whatsapp Chat Background

You can change your WhatsApp chat background to any image of your choice.

To change your chat background, open ‘Settings’ as usual.
Then go to ‘Chats’ > ‘Wallpaper’

You will then be prompted to choose an image from your gallery or any
another folder.

background customizer

Adjust and apply the image as your chat background wallpaper.

Whatsapp also has its own set of wallpapers which you can select from.

14: How To Hide Your Whatsapp Notification From The Lockscreen.

Another WhatsApp Tricks that will help you most for some privacy reasons,

you might decide to hide your WhatsApp notifications from the lock screen.

To hide important WhatsApp notifications from the lock screen, just
long-press the notification and click on Details.

From there, you can choose to hide messages on the lock screen.

15: How To Use Two Or More Whatsapp On One Phone.

By default, you are only allowed to run one WhatsApp application on
your smartphone.

You may have the need to run more than one Whatsapp on your phone due
to your business.

One for personal use and the other for business coupled with the fact that most android phones nowadays allow the use of double sim on them.

As stated earlier, you can not run two WhatsApp on the same phone but
you can only do this through the help of a third-party app.

There are tons of third party custom modified WhatsApp applications

today and they make it possible for you to use more than 15 WhatsApp
numbers on the same phone.

You are not actually advised to use such applications as they are not
original app from Whatsapp Inc.

But are only tweaked by some unknown developers.

They could contain some malware that can harm your device or put your
privacy at risk.

Another option is by using Parallels Desktop; A free app on Google Play.

A store that allows you to have a second copy of any app on the same phone.

After download and installation of the app, install Whatsapp inside it
and activate it with your second number.

There you have it; two different WhatsApp on the same phone.

There are many other WhatsApp features and tricks out there but we
only decided to look at the above 15.

Do you know other interesting features? Please do well to tell us by
using the comment section.

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